Marcos lays its foundation on honest and ethical practices. We also understand that every client has his or her own requirements and sensitivities. Thus, we aim towards bringing all the elements -- aesthetics, technical, delivery and compliance -- together to maximize your goals. Marcos is certified for the following standards:-

We at Marcos meet the global compliance standards and always follow the ethical manufacturing practices.


Marcos can produce your eco-products sustainably using GOTS certified organic and fairtrade yarn for all types of knits or woven fabrics. Marcos can develop your collections for you and produce them in a cost effective and fair trade certified production facility; whether you have your own patterns or wish to work with our pattern masters, CAD process and sampling teams. Marcos can handle every step from sourcing materials and accessories to the production and packaging of products, according to your specifications. Marcos's modern, fully equipped facilities allow most of the production to be done in-house: Marcos is well-equipped in state-of-the-art machinery:

In addition to this we ensure that our streamlined up-to-the-minute communication network, strong management team and vertically integrated manufacturing facilities ensure that every product matches quality from conception to delivery.

  • We use high quality 100% conventional, organic and fairtrade Organic cotton.
  • We produce T-shirts, Polo shirts, Hoodies, sweatshirts, sweaters, Infant wear, Women wear, Men's wear, Sportswear, Corporate wear, Functional / Technical garments and much more covering the entire gamut of fashion in Knits & Woven
  • Spandex / Polyester / Viscose / Modal/ Lyocell and many other blended fabrics are available.
  • All dyes/colors we use are Azo free, which means they are free of heavy metals and organic halogens.

Thus, when partnering with us you will not only have the confidence of receiving nothing but the best; you can also keep your clean conscience intact -- as we at Marcos work well within the defined environmental and social practices. Get the attention you deserve!