WHAT IS Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is a rapidly growing international movement for change that guarantees a better deal for disadvantaged farmers and workers in the developing world. You can identify a Fairtrade product because it carries the Fairtrade Mark.

What is a better deal?

  • Agreed stable and sustainable prices for producer organizations
  • Longer-term trading relationships providing stability for producers
  • Support in gaining the knowledge and skills that producers need to develop their businesses
  • The Fairtrade price includes a premium which is set aside for farmers and workers to spend on social
    and environmental projects or to strengthen their organizations.

This gives communities the power and resources to develop and invest in long-term improvement

Who benefits from Fairtrade?

Fairtrade works with is advantaged farmers in the developing world.

  • Small-scale farmers suffer from poor market access and un fair international trade rules such as tariffs and rich country subsidies. Fairtrade ensures the price they get for their crop covers the cost of sustainable production and allows them to plan for the future.
  • Farm workers frequently do not share the benefits of global trade. Fairtrade aims to protect workers' rights to decent pay, a safe working environment as well as the right to join a trade union.

When you see the FAIRTRADE Mark on a product

  • Producer organizations receive an agreed and stable pricefor their products that covers the cost of sustainable production and enables them to support their families and provide for a better future .
  • Producer groups also receive aninvestment premium. They decided emocratically how this should bespent – improvements to health care, clean water supplies, schooling to give their children a better futureor business improvements such as processing facilities or building warehouses – the choice is theirs.
  • Producers are working to implement more sustainable farming methods by reducing chemical usage, recycling waste or investing the premium in their own environmental projects. The Fairtrade system does not insist on organic production, but the premiums can be used to support producers wishing to convert to organic farming.