Eco Friendly Dyeing

We use low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes for dyeing all our products. Our dyes are safe, GOTS certified and "low impact," which means that we use less water, less heat and produce less waste runoff than regular chemical dyeing processes. Recent advances have created fiber-reactive dyes with colors that are brighter and richer than previously available, and they provide excellent colorfast properties on cotton. Fiber-reactive dyes have become the dye choice for many organic clothing manufacturers because they offer a diverse palette of vibrant colors. They contain no heavy metals or other known toxic substances, and they meet all European Union criteria for eco-friendly pigments.

The dyeing process combines quality with technology through applications of advanced research at every level – from planning to production. Multi-pronged use of technology and a trained pool of highly-qualified technicians help to meet all the required specifications.

Comparison of above methods with conventional textile processing

Parameter Conventional Textile Dyeing GOTS/Low Impact Dyeing Vegetable dyeing

Scouring Bleaching

Chlorine Bleach

Hydrogen peroxide

Minerals ,salts


Coal tar & Azo Dyes

Azo free dyes

Plants, fruits, seeds, Flowers, roots etc

Dye Fixing

Chemical fixers

Low Impact fixers

Minerals, flowers


Optical Brighteners Petrochemical softeners

Restricted use of finishing agents



Compulsory treatment of waste water necessary

Restricted use of Chemicals

Waste can be directly used as manure.


Almost 8000 Harmful Chemicals used


Almost NIL Chemicals

Medicinal Properties

No Medicinal properties Claimed


Many Herbs used for Dyeing are used as Medicines